The Consequences Of A Moving Violation

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The Consequences Of A Moving Violation

A big city is a challenging place to drive a vehicle, even if you are a resident and know the city streets well. It can seem hard to avoid getting a traffic ticket sometimes, but the consequences of being charged make it worthwhile hiring a traffic lawyer. There are at least three good reasons why a traffic violation lawyer can help you fight a charge.

Traffic Violations will Cost You a Fine

Every traffic violation will cost you money. The most obvious cost is the traffic ticket fine. The amount of money you have to pay will depend on the violation and how many times you have been charged for this violation before. For instance, the fine for being caught going over the speed limit by 9 mph is less than it is for 19 mph over. If you have had a speeding ticket before, then the fine goes up.

Moving Violations Will Be Added to Your License

As you are probably well aware, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) operates a system that acts as a penalty and can be used to suspend your license. Any driver who commits four moving violations in a 12-month period, or seven moving violations in a 24-month period will have their license suspended immediately. The fine depends on what sort of violation you have been alleged to have committed.

Insurance Costs Go Up After a Traffic Violation
Your insurance premium is likely to go up if you get a traffic violation. How much it goes up depends on the violation. You can check with your insurance company before you send your plea to the DMV. Just these three things alone may make hiring an experienced Texas traffic violation lawyer worthwhile. You just have to do the sums. If you are in danger of losing your driver’s license and depend on it for getting to work or because it is part of your work requirement, then this makes the need to fight your charge even more important. Remember, if you send a check back in the mail, then you are admitting guilt. If you send a not guilty plea in, the prosecution has to prove you are guilty. Your traffic lawyer can probably either get your penalties reduced through a plea bargain or get them dismissed altogether. A good traffic violation lawyer knows the system well and can use your individual circumstances to your best advantage.

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Personal Injury Law – Slip and Fall Accidents

Personal Injury Law – Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall injury accidents can occur at any time and at any place. A leading government journal indicates that millions of Americans will be injured this year in accidents in which they have slipped, tripped or fallen. Of these accident victims, 14,000 will die as a result of their injuries and several hundred thousand will suffer permanent disability. Most of these accidents could have been prevented by the use of reasonable care on the part of the victim or the occupier or owner of the premises in which the injury occurred. 70% of these accidents were the result of some defects on the premises which substantially contributed to the injury. Lack of ordinary and reasonable care, and/or maintenance, are common reasons for defects where injuries occur.slip and fall

Regardless of who owns the property where the injury occurred, you have legal options. Regardless of how or where your injury occurred, you may be eligible for “no-fault” insurance benefits entitling you to recover medical expenses.

Our staff will carefully analyze the conditions of the premises where your accident occurred. If video footage is available, (often available in a commercial setting), that video footage can be used to support your case, as well as statements are taken from employees and other witnesses where the fall occurred. Outside specialists are commonly utilized to evaluate whether the premises where your injury occurred met “building codes” and whether the proper materials where utilized on floor surfaces, stairway surfaces, and other areas of pedestrian traffic. Failure to properly light premises can also be a cause of injury.

Slip and fall claims often require extensive negotiation with an insurance company. Thorough case preparation is an absolute necessity in handling a slip and fall case. It is very easy for an insurance company to claim that the victim “should have” handled him or herself in a different and more careful manner. However, it is very often the case that commercial property owners carefully design commercial premises to “distract and redirect” the pedestrian or patron’s attention away from a floor surface where a defect or unsafe condition is located for purposes of selling and marketing products. Knowing the exact activity of the injured party prior to a fall is imperative to properly understand and evaluate this type of claim.

As soon as possible take a photograph of the defective or unsafe premises as the property owner may change the unsafe condition. With certain exceptions, these changes are precluded from introduction as evidence against the property owner in the trial as the law and public policy encourages owners to correct unsafe or dangerous conditions. This rule applies even where the condition is clearly the result of negligence.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a slip or fall injury, you will need representation from a professional slip and fall lawyer. Please contact our Law Office for a free consultation.
slip and fall lawyers

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Equipment Malfunction Cases: Injury Lawyers

Equipment Malfunction Cases: Injury Lawyers

Equipment Malfunction – a risk taken by many San Antonio construction workers. Don’t let an injury due to equipment malfunction harm your finances. Our San Antonio law firm can help.
personal injury law
Construction companies are constantly increasing the number of power tools and heavy machinery used on the job site. With the increase in use also comes the increase in workers that are injured when those power tools or heavy machinery malfunction. Power tools and machinery put construction workers at great risk when a malfunction occurs. Power tool injuries usually occur because the use of power tools requires the operator to be within close proximity of the tool. When a power tool malfunctions, there is often no opportunity for the operator to react before they are injured.

Heavy Equipment malfunctions often result in catastrophic injury due to the power and size of the equipment involved. When a crane, bobcat, backhoe or other machinery malfunction, the operator as well as bystanders are put at risk. More here @

Malfunctioning power tools and heavy equipment can inflict serious bodily injury on construction workers. Workers injured by power tools and heavy equipment often suffer the loss of limbs, broken bones, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and death. Our San Antonio law firm is here to protect your rights and get you the settlement you need.

The very nature of equipment malfunction cases requires that the equipment or power tool be inspected as quickly as possible. Having the equipment thoroughly inspected will preserve evidence that may be critical to your claim.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of an equipment malfunction on a construction site, don’t delay. our law firm will act quickly on your behalf to examine the defective product and preserve the evidence in your case. Call the San Antonio construction injury lawyers at our firm today for a free consultation with a licensed attorney.

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