Attorney Profile

Robert Neuberger has been practicing law in Oregon since 1980. His career has been dedicated to providing Oregonians with high quality, professional, ethical, and principled legal representation. His commitment to excellence is reflected in his character, reputation, integrity and the high level of personal service he offers to his clients.

Upon Burl Green’s retirement in 1989, Robert Neuberger joined Frank Pozzi and Donald Wilson’s Portland firm of Pozzi Wilson Atchison where he was a partner until 1999.

Mr. Neuberger’s association with William Dale, Burl Green, Frank Pozzi and Donald Wilson gave him the opportunity to spend over 22 years with four of the most influential and respected lawyers.

Working with such prominent lawyers gave Robert Neuberger the opportunity to represent Oregonians with a fidelity to the highest legal, ethical and professional principles. He continues to perpetuate these values with his ongoing commitment to providing the highest-quality legal representation for his clients, thereby providing the means to successfully counter those whose influence and self-interest would otherwise threaten the health, well-being, and economic security of others. Equally important is his commitment to rendering personal service to his clients in obtaining justice and compensation for those who have suffered injury, misfortune, or the death of a loved one due to the neglect, fault, or intolerance of others.