Insurance Claims

Most cases involve insurance issues. Certainly, these claims include those against your automobile, homeowners, life, or disability insurer. But chances are you are pursuing a claim against someone else who is covered by insurance. This often results in questions beyond merely whether your underlying claim against a person or a corporation is meritorious. Often the biggest issues are whether insurance is available to cover the claim and whether there is enough insurance to cover your losses. While Robert Neuberger restricts his practice to representing injured persons or their families, his past experience dealing with insurance companies provides invaluable insight into how insurance companies handle and resolve claims. Simply put, he knows how they think, what they fear, and which buttons to push.

Many insurance companies may discourage you from seeking legal counsel. There is a reason for that: they have attorneys fighting for them and they know you are at a disadvantage so long as you do not have legal representation. If you have a serious insurance claim, get legal advice first.

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Dangerous Premises

People are injured and killed every day as a result of dangerous conditions in buildings or other manmade hazards. From quadriplegia resulting from a fall into an unguarded hole, to simple slip and falls resulting in broken hips, knees, and ankles, Robert Neuberger has handled many types of dangerous premises cases. Claims may be made against hotels, shopping centers, and other businesses who have a known problem with crime on their property, but fail to protect their customers. Each type of case is unique. Liability may involve building, electrical, or other safety codes, or turn on whether the landowner knew or should have known of the dangerous condition on his premises.

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