Finding Personal Injury Lawyers

Finding Personal Injury Lawyers Texas Residents Can Trust

When it comes to locating reputable personal injury lawyers in Texas, residents should know the proper questions to ask. Most personal injury attorneys handle cases on a contingency basis, so it is worth taking the time to find an experienced law professional.accident injury lawyers

Question #1: What types of cases does the attorney usually accept?
Some attorneys maintain a general practice and work on a variety of cases, including personal injury, bankruptcy, worker’s compensation and immigration. Clients will receive the best advice if they choose an attorney who handles only personal injury lawsuits.

Question #2: How long has the attorney been practicing personal injury law?
Most attorneys, charge a contingency fee, which is a percentage of the damages awarded to the client. This means attorneys do not base their fees on experience and clients will pay the same amount, regardless of how long the attorney has been practicing. However, a more experienced lawyer may be able to negotiate a higher settlement, so the number of years in business is an important factor to consider.
Question #3: Will the attorney be willing to try the lawsuit in court, if necessary?
Some lawyers tend to settle every case out of court and if negotiations fail, they refer the case to another attorney to handle the trial in court. To receive the maximum compensation, the insurance company must believe the lawyer will go to court rather than agree to a lower settlement. So-called clearinghouse attorneys accept large numbers of cases so they can settle quickly or refer the client to another attorney if they cannot negotiate a satisfactory settlement. These attorneys collect a referral fee and are more interested in a quick turnover than fighting for the client’s right to fair compensation.accident lawyers

Question #4: What is the attorney’s track record for negotiating settlements or receiving positive verdicts in case trials?
The client will do better with an attorney who has a long list of successful outcomes. Insurance company representatives are familiar with the personal injury lawyers Texas residents hire and they know who has a good track record for defending personal injury cases and who is less likely to reach a positive verdict for a client. This information allows insurance companies to assess their risk. Most insurance adjusters will research the lawyer representing the plaintiff, so they can anticipate the likely outcome. If the lawyer has a great track record, the insurance company is less likely to want to take the case to court and will negotiate a fair settlement instead. More information

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Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents are the most common type of personal injury claim. There are probably more automobile accident claims than all other types of personal injury claims combined. If you have been injured or a family member has been killed as a result of the fault or neglect of another, you have a legal right to recover damages for your injuries and losses. The more serious your injuries or the more complicated your case, the more likely an attorney will be of benefit to you. The Attorney knows how insurance companies work and think in resolving automobile claims. He brings that knowledge and experience to bear solely for the benefit of people like you.

Many people forget about other claims related to the fact that an automobile collision has occurred, such as claims for uninsured or underinsured insurance benefits, claims against a wrongdoer’s employer or even, in some cases, claims against automobile manufacturers or highway designers. In many personal injury claims, other issues may arise. Do health care providers, insurance companies, workers compensation insurers, or government entitlement programs such as Medicare or Medicaid have to be repaid for benefits that you may have received? How long should you keep your totaled vehicle or wait to repair any damage after the accident? What settlement documents will you have to sign and are they fair? Insurance companies hire only experienced claims adjusters and lawyers. Is the playing field level if you do not have an experienced professional on your team?

Our Lawyers are available to explain and help enforce your legal rights.

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Construction & Industrial Accidents

Factories, construction sites and other industrial settings create a high potential for injury and death. Robert Neuberger represents persons injured against wrongdoers who may be responsible for these injuries and wrongful deaths. These cases routinely involve claims against third parties including manufacturers of defective equipment, landowners who provide unsafe premises, contractors, and neglectful equipment operators. Robert Neuberger has represented people who were gravely injured or killed by explosions, bad drivers, electrocution, fires, falling objects, and improperly guarded machines.

Workers compensation does not begin to pay the wages and benefits lost because of an accident. If you are seriously injured on the job or a family member is killed, you should consult with an attorney to determine whether lawful claims exist in addition to workers compensation, including Oregon Employers’ Liability Act claims.

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