Medical negligence cases

When doctors, hospitals, dentists, nurses, or other healthcare providers are negligent, it is called “malpractice.” But doctors and other medical care professionals are not responsible for a bad result in the absence of negligence. Whether the “standard of care” has been breached is usually a question to be resolved by other expert doctors. Medical malpractice cases are difficult and expensive to litigate. Robert Neuberger works closely with leading medical and diagnostic specialists from around the country. Consequently, even in the most complicated medical negligence cases, his firm is able to provide the sophisticated preparation and trial work essential to success.

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Products Liability Attorney

Products Liability is the area of the law involving injuries and death caused by dangerously defective products. From exploding gas tanks on Ford Pinto vehicles to breast implant and tobacco litigation, our health and lives are affected by the products we make, use, and consume. The law places the burden to pay damages caused by defective products on the company that made it dangerous. Robert Neuberger represents victims of dangerous products against negligent manufacturers, sellers, or others who place those products in the public’s hands. The number of defective automobile cases that he handles continues to grow. His experience also includes industrial equipment, consumer products, yard and garden equipment, recreational products, and medical devices. He is proud that as a result of the efforts of many plaintiff’s attorneys like himself, your workplace, home, and car are much safer. Products have been redesigned, and dangerous ones have been taken off the market. The number of accidental deaths and injuries caused by defective products has fallen over the last few decades.

With the help of engineers, safety experts, product designers, investigators, doctors, and other specialists, Robert Neuberger has worked to secure compensation from the makers and sellers of unsafe products, defective equipment, tainted food, and unsafe consumer and household products.

If you or a family member or a friend has been a victim of a dangerous or defective product, please contact Robert Neuberger to discuss your legal rights.

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Wrongful death claims

The death of a loved one is one of the most difficult losses we each face in life. The trauma is even more tragic when the death was unnecessarily caused by someone else’s wrongdoing. Oregon law provides for the recovery of damages by the surviving family where a loved one was killed because of another person’s fault. Federal admiralty law also provides the family with damage recovery for deaths on navigable waters such as the Columbia and Willamette Rivers and the Pacific Ocean. Wrongful death claims may be made for practically every type of accident.

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